AI Studio

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We need to explain some keywords to use the platform more efficiently.

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What is the Workflow?

The workflow is the magic part of the no-code platform. You can connect the business logic steps to each other without any development. It's like a Lego game. You can connect the items to each other, and they will work for you.
Example Workflow

What is the Endpoint?

The endpoint is the way of creating a workflow. It is the easiest way to integrate your existing applications with a request. The workflow only works when you send a file to the given endpoint for your workflow.

What is the Background Job?

The background job is automation. You don't need to trigger it. Background jobs will run automatically how you build your flow.

What is the Model Endpoint?

The model endpoint is a way to get model results with a request. The difference with the Endpoint is you don't need to order a flow. You can run a simple model file and get the result of it.